Crochet Dress for a Toddler

My neighbour’s daughter is turning one in a few days, and I knew (as I always do with upcoming birthdays) that I wanted to make her something unique that you couldn’t buy at a store. And because I got a sewing machine for Christmas (so spoilt), it had to be sewn AND crocheted. Man…I’m such a Martha Stewart.

Who can’t bake.

With no criminal record.

With black unkempt hair.

So after days and days of scouring Pinterest, I found this piece of perfection: The Granny Square Crochet/Fabric Dress by Mon Petiti Violon. I love the natural, earthy colour she used in her tutorial, but it might not be to my neighbour’s taste.

So I stuck to good ol’ nautical colours, with bright red heart buttons. (I initially wanted to use little boat buttons I’d seen recently, but forgot where I saw them, and was lazy to shop around – so hearts it was). As you might be able to see, the is the first thing I have sewn in 6 years.

crochet toddler dress

I have yet to make a matching headband – I’m thinking a simple scalloped headband (using the same cotton) with a matching heart embellishment.

Now all we do is wrap it, and hope that she likes it…


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