Crochet Zombie Mug Warmer

Who doesn’t love a brain-starved zombie? With its rotting bits hanging by a thread and all that?

Personally, I’m quite indifferent to walking corpses but my brother-in-law is not. And that’s why I crocheted him this zombie inspired mug warmer for his birthday a while ago.

There was no actual pattern that caught my fancy, so I made this one up. And because I hurried it the night before his birthday, I left off a lot more of the gory details I had in mind (like brain folds coming out of a mouth etc). Instead, I rushed it and stuck to a basic zombie with eyes only.

I started with a basic mug warmer in green. Separately, I crocheted a spherical eyeball and semi-circle eyelid in green.

The eyeball was attached with red and pink threads of wool, and left to dangle. The green eyelid was stitched in place and covered with a black scar.

And here it is:



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