Crochet Reindeer Hats

My Christmas started a few months ago when an ex-colleague, friend and fellow writer asked me to crochet a selection of Christmas hats for a few little ones in her life.

This was around the time I had decided to stop crocheting for extra bucks. (Needless to say, juggling a full-time copy writing job, a family, a toddler and crocheting became quite taxing).

But with a deadline six months away, and a brief as adorable as this, I was on board in a second.

I started out with the hats themselves before taking on all those features. Once I had three hats, I tackled the long antlers, which threw me off. For some reason, I could not figure out the antler pattern. Because of this, I got a little despondent and put off the project for weeks at a time.

But this weekend, I was in full crochet mode, and even nailed the antler pattern in the blink of an eye.

So here they are, three little reindeer hats, based on Simply2Iressistable’s crochet reindeer hat pattern, available on Etsy.

Made with love, festive cheer, and just in time for the silly season.

crochet reindeer hats



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